Our plant is situated at G.T Road, Sherpur Chownk Ludhiana, Punjab, In which we have installed 1 nos. double blast Coupla furnace with latest pollution control system and R & D Lab facilities. In the plant we have installed various EOT Cranes for handling materials smoothly. 

Modern plant and facilities, reflection of ongoing investment programmed in our business. Our production facilities allow us to manufacture a wide range of products and materials with a high degree of flexibility in terms of quantity and delivery lead times. Manufacturing of product ranges from highly engineered, highly stressed safety critical castings to components that require close dimensional control At our site in Ludhiana (Punjab, INDIA) we have complete manufacturing facilities for the production of high quality Cast iron castings and Ingot Moulds.

The plant has its own electric generating capacity and the unit can run independent of outside electric supply. The casting are produced from cupolas and it has number of 10 MT cranes for handling of material. We use green sand as well as dry sand moulding process for production of castings.

All the castings produced are carefully cleaned, packed and loaded into containers in house for shipments. All government formalities are done at the plant itself and the containers sealed in the factory, so time is saved while shipping the containers. We have our own pattern shop manned by highly skilled personnel.

Melting is performed in double blast coupla furnace where certified raw materials are transformed into high quality molten metals. Close control of the moulding process along with our "methoding" expertise is followed, to achieve clean and sound castings. The latest technology resins are used to bond a combination of new and reused sand to produce high definition moulds of consistent dimensional accuracy.

The finishing operations include cleaning  to remove scale and surface adherence, followed by grinding and facing to satisfy the requirements of quality control and to meet the customers specifications.



1.      48" Double blast Coupla Furnace.

2.      Casting Range from 1Kg to 15000 Kg a piece


      Hand moulding in green sand, Co2 and No-bake sand.


1.    Two nos. core sand mixers
2.    CO2 process core, Airset (No bake) and oil cores & molases cores..
3.    4 No. of core baking rooms.


We are having 2 no. of mullers along with sand sieves.


Having in house pattern shop, also sourcing work from outside.


1.      Facing Machine.

2.      Pedestal Grinders.

3.      Flexible shaft Grinders.

4.      Pneumatic Chippers & Grinders Of various sizes/ shapes.

5.      Swing Grinders